July 1, 2007 - Malulani Health and Medical Center Project and Malulani Health Systems are now Non-Operational. (more)

Nov 28, 2006 - Crowd pushes medical move (Maui News) - Saying they want accessible, first-class hospital medical care, supporters of a second acute care facility on Maui held signs and waved to passers-by on Monday morning... (more)

Nov 21, 2006 - Malulani files appeal (Maui News) - Citing Sunday’s earthquake and conflicts of interest by reviewing panelists, Malulani Medical and Health Center has filed an appeal asking for reconsideration of a decision to disapprove the development of a second hospital on Maui.... (more)

Oct, 5, 2006 - Fight for 2nd Maui hospital isn't over (Honolulu Advertiser) - The head of a group planning a new Maui hospital yesterday vowed to appeal a state agency's rejection of its proposal to build the facility... (more)

Aug 8, 2006 - Malulani in limbo; push grows in West Maui (Maui News) - Uncertainty over whether a proposed hospital in Kihei will be approved has made proponents behind a West Maui hospital even more determined and confident that theirs will be the one to prevail.... (more)

Aug 4, 2006 - Second state panel says no to Maui hospital plan (Honolulu Advertiser) - A second state advisory panel yesterday voted to reject an application for a new hospital on Maui, delivering a blow to an effort endorsed by Gov. Linda Lingle and the island's mayor.... (more)

July, 2006 - Public hearings will be held with 3 panels on Maui & Oahu (July 7, July 20 & July 27) that will vote to accept or reject the Certificate of Need Application. Please attend or testify. (more)

July 28, 2006 - Governor Presses for New Maui Hospital (AP Wire) - Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle on Thursday urged a state advisory council to approve the building of a new hospital for Maui to improve health care available on the island... (more)

July 27, 2006 - Dr. Ron Kwon's Statement at the SHCC Panel Hearing. (download 50k PDF file)

July 25, 2006 - Maui Hospital Plans Hit Setback (Honolulu Star-Bulletin) - A state panel voted down a proposal yesterday for building a second hospital on Maui amid concerns that it would not improve patient care or make enough money to survive. But hopes for the $212 million, 150-bed Malulani Health and Medical Center are still alive.... (more)

July 12, 2006 - Hospital plan gets first panel's approval (Honolulu Advertiser) - The proposed Malulani Health & Medical Center improved its prognosis yesterday by winning approval from the Tri-Isle Subarea Health Council... (more)

July 8, 2006 - Lingle backs private acute-care hospital on Maui (Honolulu Advertiser) - Gov. Linda Lingle yesterday came out in support of a privately run acute-care hospital on Maui... (more)
(Statement of Support presented by George Kaya, Governor Linda Lingle's Maui Liason)

July 8, 2006 - Advocates for one hospital, two square off (Maui News) - Gov. Linda Lingle questioned the ability of state government to keep Maui Memorial Medical Center up-to-date Friday, throwing her influence behind Malulani’s application... (more)

July 2, 2006 - State of the Art Facility to be Built, Says Malulani (Maui News) - A proposed Malulani Health and Medical Center in South Maui would house all of its patients in private rooms, feature state-of-the-art equipment ... (more)

May 25, 2006 - Certificate of Need (CON) Application certified as being complete. (download CON Application - PDF 2.3 MB)

October 23, 2005 - Viewpoint article printed in the Maui News in its entirety. (more)

October 17, 2005 -
Proposed South Maui hospital has partner (Maui News) (more)

October 14, 2005
- Malulani Helath Systems submits Certificate of Need for New Maui Hopsital. (more)

Feb 18, 2005 -
Maui event raises $63,000 for new hospital (Maui News) - Sell-out crowd of more than 300 Maui supporters raises $63,000 for South Maui medical center. (more)

Jan 5, 2005
- South Maui Triage (Hawaii Business) - Maui Memorial and Malulani battle over who has a better plan for the future (more)

Dec 2, 2004 - Hospital Endorsed (Maui Weekly) - Maui County Medical Society endorses Malulani Health & Medical Center. (more)

Nov 25, 2004 - State physicians group backs Malulani, donates $25,000 (Maui News) - The board of directors for the Hawaii Independent Physicians Association has given its endorsement to Dr. Ron Kwon and the proposed Malulani Health and Medical Center. (more)

October 8, 2004 - Maui News Online Poll Results - 85.9% overwhelmingly voted in support of an alternative or coexisting hospital. (more)