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Malulani Health & Medical Center, Maui, Hawaii project details
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Phase I
Conceptual Plan


  2000 - 2003
  • Project Conception
  • Creation of Malulani Health Systems with Board of Directors
  • Initial Grants and Contributions obtained as "seed money" for the project
  • 40 Acre land site option obtained
  • Conceptual Architectural Renderings done
  • Corporate Office with Vision Room established
  • Community Forums started
  • Completion of Certificate of Need (CON) documentation and filing of application with State Health Planning and Development Agency
  • Additional Fundraising
> 2006 - 2007
  • The final decision by State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA) was to disapprove the Malulani Health and Medical Center on Maui, on the grounds that the new medical center "would adversely impact the existing Maui Memorial Hospital."
  • Malulani Health and Medical Center Project and Malulani Health Systems are now Non-Operational
  Proposed 2007
  • Construction begins
  • Management and staff interviews begin
  • Physician education meetings begin
  • Equipment procurement expeditions
  • Licenses and permitting
  • Department directors begin
  • Equipment installation and testing
  • In-service training
  • Staff training
  • Operations commence
2009 (January)
  • Malulani Health and Medical Center operational as a full-service community hospital with an integrated medical care model


  • Phase I consists of a 150-bed hospital.
  • Maui, voted “the best island and destination resort in the world” deserves to have a medical facility of the same order.
  • Physicians will have rapid access to information which increases the speed and accuracy of diagnoses and treatment options.
  • Clinical outcomes will improve with increased access to state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Electronic charting and medication verification will reduce medical errors and decrease nursing workload.
  • Patients and their families will enjoy greater convenience and comfort with a patient centered holistic care model.
  • Patients will be offered a blend of western, complementary, and alternative medicine treatments coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of health providers.
  • Illness and crisis counseling services with a multifaith spiritual center will help patients and families cope with the stresses of illness.


Phase I

  • 40 acre site in north Kihei, adjacent to the Maui Research and Technology Park
  • Ambulatory pavilion – opens January 1, 2009 with inpatient and outpatient services
  • 6 suite operating room and 2 room endoscopy suite
  • Comprehensive imaging center
    • CT/MRI/PET Scanners
    • Nuclear Medicine/Ultrasound
    • Six suite operating room
    • Women’s Health Center with “same day” breast imaging/biopsy services
    • Cardiac/Pulmonary/Neuro Diagnostics
  • Adjacent 40 acre site is planned for further development with:
    • Medical office buildings and support facilities
    • Comprehensive cancer treatment center
    • Complementary, alternative, and native Hawaiian treatments facility
    • Resident hospice/palliative care treatment
    • Kidney dialysis center
    • Geriatric care center and “Greenhouse” eldercare facility
    • Hyperbaric decompression and wound treatment center
    • Multidenominational spiritual center
  • 150 bed full service community hospital opens January, 2009:
    • 110 medical/surgical beds
    • 25 critical care beds
    • 15 labor, delivery, recovery suites with a Level II Nursery
    • 20 bay emergency department with direct access from an adjacent heliport
    • 1 catheterization, 1 electrophysiology and 1 angiography suite with acute intervention for strokes and heart attacks
    • Open heart surgery
    • 10 bed observation unit (not included in 150 bed total)
    • Complete facilities for rehabilitation
  • Fully digital facility with telemedicine support for emergency care in West Maui, Hana, Upcountry, Lanai and Molokai
  • Onsite heliport with medevac services to provide rapid transfer of critically ill patients with trauma, cardiac, neuro and obstetric emergencies
  • Malulani intends to become the community and referral hospital for all of Maui County


  • Obtain approval for a Certificate of Need with community support.
  • Garner financial support from individuals, businesses, foundations.
  • Partner with Triad Hospital Network for:
    • Capital Investment of $169 Million
    • Network resources for management, purchasing and staffing
    • Information technology services

renderings & Conceptual Plans
Main Entry Court & Garden
(Artist's Conception)
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