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Malulani Health & Medical Center, Maui, Hawaii VISION
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Our Legacy
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Health and Medical Center Project and
Malulani Health Systems
are now Non-Operational
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Please check out the following websites for information concerning a second hospital on Maui.

The Vision

  • A new 150 bed full-service community hospital and medical center
  • Community-based non-profit organization in partnership with Triad Hospital Corp.
  • Healthcare for everyone … regardless of their ability to pay

Mission statement

  • Provide unsurpassed healthcare equally to full and part-time residents and island visitors by blending the best of all medical traditions.

Our legacy

In 1884, Mother Marianne Cope and the Sisters of St. Francis came to Maui and with a royal bequest from Queen Kapiolani, established Malulani Hospital in Wailuku, next to the site of St. Anthony's Church. Malulani was the first hospital established on Maui and for over 70 years it served as the community hospital for Wailuku. Malulani means "under the shelter or protection of heaven," a fitting name and a tribute to the origins of the hospital via the work of the Sisters and the enabling grant from the alii. In 1952, Central Maui Memorial Hospital was established and subsequently Malulani and the other plantation hospitals in Lahaina, Puunene and Paia were closed.

Malulani Health and Medical Center will be created in honor of this legacy, and will reflect the original mission of the community hospital, namely serving the people of Maui with the best possible healthcare available and with a true spirit of caring for the community.

our logo

The Malulani Logo is an outline of the island of Maui with blue sky over it, befitting the meaning of Malulani-- "Under the Shelter or Protection of Heaven." The complete logo is a circle, signifying wholeness and health, and the wavy form of the blue sky on the white background echoes the Yang and Yin symbol, a reference to the model of integrated care at Malulani that will feature a blend of the best western, asian, complementary and alternative medicine traditions.


  • Creation of new jobs, educational opportunities, and industry—especially in the growing field of healthcare
  • Attraction of medical personnel with valuable experience and personal resources
    • Healthcare professionals
    • Biotechnology researchers
    • Medical devices/software designers
    • Students
  • Maui patients will finally have a choice of hospital facilities
  • “Medical Tourism” will develop with visitors arriving from the Mainland and Asia for medical treatments and evaluations.
  • Visitors to Maui will increase from 48,000 to 60,000 over the next ten years.
  • Complementary care approach can attract those who currently shun traditional medicine and enrich treatment options for all.
  • Creation and promotion of healthy lifestyles, with the community health center providing examples and resources and setting community standards.


  • Maui’s population is estimated to grow from 140,500 in 2005 to 167,100 in 2015.
  • An aging population will drive intense demand for hospital services.
    • Residents 45-64 years-old will increase 34%
    • Residents 65+ will increase 55%
  • Outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services will significantly outpace population growth – CT-6.8%, MRI-6.4%, PET-16.9%.
  • Research indicates a need for 95 additional beds in 2010 and 140 in 2015.

Malulani Service Area - Maui County

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